Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of nicotine in milligrams, for each millilitre of E-liquid.

0mg- The vaper who enjoys the flavour and taste, without the nicotine added.

3mg- The lightest level offered. Perfect for RDA’s, or someone who smokes light cigarettes.

6mg- Generally a good starting option for moderate smokers

12mg- This option is for those heavy smokers, that are used to getting a heavier dose of nicotine.  This level is not recommended, for most sub ohm vape tanks or RDA’s.

At the time, we are only offering shipping within Canada. We hope to become international at a later date!

We highly recommend only using quality brand name batteries, with a high amperage in any sub ohm setups.  You can find them on our website, under the battery category. Practice good battery safety, keeping them dry, in a case (to prevent wear on the wrap), away from extreme temperatures.

Less chemicals, better flavour and smell, save money, and feel better!

Contact us and we will be glad to help in anyway we can!

At the time, we accept most major credit cards.  MasterCard, Visa (Visa Debit), American Express, and Discover cards all accepted.

At the time, we are using Canada Post for all standard deliveries.  We plan to expand, and add other shipping options in the near future.